Honouring yourself and your loved ones with lasting memories and peace of mind.

Choose to prepay a memorial today for a better tomorrow.


When you choose to prepay a memorial, you have the time to clearly think about your preferences.

You will have time to consider things such as whether it will be a burial or cremation memorial, where the memorial should be, and how many people it needs to accommodate. We have options for single memorials, memorials for two, and various family memorials. Prepaying a memorial means you secure the memorial type and position, and pay for it at today's price.

Organising a memorial in advance has a number of benefits:

  • A prepaid memorial ensures that your specific instructions will be carried out.
  • You select the memorial type, position and inclusions within your chosen Memorial Park or Garden.
  • No additional costs and a financially wise decision as you pay today's prices and avoid inflation. The cost of a memorial varies depending on size, type and inclusions. Once the memorial has been paid in full there are no further costs unless additional inclusions are incurred.
  • When the time comes family and friends won't have to manage memorial arrangement details and there will be no financial concerns as everything has been taken care of.
  • All InvoCare Memorial Parks and Gardens offer interest free payment plans up to 5 years when prepaying a memorial depending on the value of the memorial. T&Cs apply.
  • Prepaying a memorial allows for future family placements to be secured, ensuring you and your family can rest together.

We're large but local

Every single one of our Memorial Parks is backed by Australia's largest provider of end-of-life services. This means that you can rest assured, knowing that your investment is safe with us.

The best part is that we're run by our communities, for our communities so you can expect personalised and friendly service every time you get in touch.

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Beautiful place which has such a serenity to it, the grounds are perfect and the garden chapel is lovely with a complete setup.

- Ian