MyMemorial provides information on memorial options at InvoCare Memorial Parks and Gardens within New South Wales and Queensland.


All InvoCare Memorial Parks and Gardens provide a sanctuary for family and friends to visit a loved one's memorial. InvoCare Memorial Parks and Gardens are maintained in perpetuity, ensuring you that the memorial will always be there. The InvoCare Memorial Parks and Gardens are places of natural, landscaped beauty maintained by dedicated staff, where peace and privacy are cherished and respected.

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Resting Place by HeavenAddress

Search online and find the physical memorial of a loved one in participating Memorial Parks and Gardens.

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Memorial Options

Memorial Options

We respect the rituals and beliefs of all faiths and cultures. Whether it is a burial, crypt or cremation memorial we will help you choose a memorial that is a profoundly personal and precious.

Couple laying flowers at Castlebrook Memorial Park

Why Memorialise

Providing solace and comfort, memorial parks and gardens are a place for family and friends to feel connected to those they love who are no longer here .

 Couple walking along pathway and memorials at Castlebrook Memorial Park

Supporting Communities

With the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions impacting NSW we are offering 20% off selected memorials at our NSW Memorial Parks & Gardens for a limited time.

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