InvoCare Memorial Parks and Gardens serve as enduring sanctuaries, offering a tranquil haven for friends and family to honor their loved ones. With steadfast commitment, our team sustains these landscapes' timeless beauty, ensuring they forever stand as serene, respectful spaces for remembrance and solace.


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InvoCare Memorial Parks and Gardens, maintained in perpetuity, offer a serene haven for families and friends to honour their loved ones. These tranquil, beautifully landscaped spaces, diligently cared for by our devoted staff, ensure enduring peace and privacy.


Why memorialise?

A permanent memorial in a cemetery or memorial garden represent the lasting memory of your loved one, and is a place family, friends and future generations can come to visit to pay their respects.

Events & Memorial Services

Throughout the year, we hold special events and memorials for our community. These gatherings provide a supportive place for everyone to connect and heal together. Come and share in our unity and compassion in every season of life.

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