Prepay a memorial


All InvoCare Memorial Parks and Gardens offer the option of arranging a burial or cremation memorial ahead of time for yourself or your family. Prepaying a memorial means you secure the memorial type and position, and pay for it at today's price.

Organising a memorial in advance has a number of benefits:

  • A prepaid memorial ensures that your specific instructions will be carried out.
  • You select the memorial type, position and inclusions within your chosen Memorial Park or Garden.
  • No additional costs and a financially wise decision as you pay today's prices and avoid inflation. The cost of a memorial varies depending on size, type and inclusions. Once the memorial has been paid in full there are no further costs unless additional inclusions are incurred.
  • When the time comes family and friends won't have to manage memorial arrangement details and there will be no financial concerns as everything has been taken care of.
  • All InvoCare Memorial Parks and Gardens offer interest free payment plans up to 5 years when prepaying a memorial depending on the value o the memorial. T&Cs apply.
  • Prepaying a memorial allows for future family placements to be secured, ensuring you and your family can rest together.

When you choose to prepay a memorial, you have the time to clearly think about your preferences and discuss them with one of the Family Service Advisors in a pleasant and relaxed environment. You will have time to consider things such as whether it will be a burial or cremation memorial, where the memorial should be, and how many people it needs to accommodate.

Generally there are options for single memorials, memorials for two, and various family memorials. We recommend you speak to the Memorial Park or Garden you are interested in about which memorials they currently have available.


The difference between a memorial park and a memorial garden

It is good to bear in mind that not all types of memorials will be available at all Memorial Parks and Gardens. As a general rule of thumb, a Memorial Park will offer a range of both burial and cremation memorials, while a Memorial Garden caters to cremation memorials only.

All InvoCare Memorial Gardens offer cremation memorials only. All InvoCare Memorial Parks offer a selection of both burial and cremation memorials. Knowing whether you are after a burial or cremation service will help determine which Memorial Parks or Gardens in your area you can choose from.


Obligation free tours of the grounds

All InvoCare Memorial Parks and Gardens offer complimentary, obligation free tours of their grounds which can be scheduled by contacting the chosen Memorial Park or Garden directly.

A tour of the grounds is an excellent way to familiarise yourself with the Memorial Park or Garden, the types of memorials and the different sections available within their grounds. It also gives you an opportunity to ask staff any questions you may have about arranging a memorial, including price lists, inclusions and regulations.

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