Memorial options


There are many options available to help capture the spirit of each individual. Memorials can be as personal as one desires and can reflect cultural and religious integrity.

InvoCare Memorial Parks and Gardens endeavour to adhere to all specific requirements. Our consultants will assist you by explaining all available options and answering all of your questions so that you may make informed and appropriate decisions. At an InvoCare Memorial Park there will be both burial and cremation memorials available, while an InvoCare Memorial Garden is reserved for cremation memorials only.

Burial Estate

An estate allows for multiple burial placements and enhances a sense of togetherness. This is an ideal family memorial for members of the family to be memorialised together, and it can be personalised through a wide range of options. A burial estate will stand the test of time.

Crypt or Mausoleum

Offering the comfort of keeping to family and cultural traditions. Modern day crypts are beautifully presented spaces that are filled with light. They are peaceful, quiet and respectful. A place where the life of a loved one can be honoured. Multiple positions are available for families.


Rather than a burial marked by stonework, you can have it marked by garden plantings. This is a softer, gentler way of acknowledging a burial position and can be a wonderful tribute to a loved one. Depending on the individual memorial park, there may be a variety of garden burials to choose from. Adjacent positions are generally available.

Lawn Burial

Most modern cemeteries provide for lawn burials, which creates an open vista within broad, landscaped and easily traversable spaces. Memorials are marked at ground level with bronze plaques. The markers can be personalised with your own inscription and adjacent positions are available.


This traditional burial memorial remains a popular choice today. with your choice of monuments, there is a large area for the inscription of personal messages and for the inclusion of symbols that acknowledge faith and military service. Adjacent positions are available for family members to rest together.

Stations of the Cross

The Garden of Trinity features 15 stations of the cross nestled among beautifully landscaped gardens and telling the story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Garden of Trinity offers a modern, unique cemetery that is still in keeping with Catholic traditions and provides families with both burial and cremation memorial options.


Traditional Headstones

A truly personalised burial site with beautifully carved granite headstones. The sites are finished with a pebbled granite bed.


These natural looking memorials blend easily into the surrounds. Ashes are placed in a container underneath the stone, and bronze plaques are attached to identify individual placements. Multiple positions are available under the one bushrock, making this a very suitable family memorial.

Chair Memorial

With its own chair so that you can spend extended, private moments. A memorial like this provides you with comfort and privacy.

Creekside Memorials

Set amongst the natural landscaped bushrock gardens, memorial options include single positions and family estates.

Family Estate

A personal garden, designed with your choice of granite or bushrock, plaques, photos and plants which make it special and personalised for each family.


Ashes can be placed within the natural beauty of a floral bed. Memorial parks and gardens have a variety of gardens available so that you can choose the aspect and the type of flowering plant your wish to adorn the memorial.


A gazebo provides you with an easily identifiable marker within the grounds, as well as a comfortable place to be with your thoughts. Gazebos are often adorned with floral plantings for year-round colour and multiple memorial positions are available for families.

Granite Circle

This is an elegant tribute with a high degree of finish. This tasteful memorial can be personalised through your choice of floral plantings and by inscriptions on a bronze plaque.

RSL Memorial

 An elegant tribute to someone who has served in the armed forces. This memorial can be personalised through the use of military symbols and inscriptions on a bronze plaque. Adjacent memorial positions can be arranged for comrades in arms.

Prearrange a memorial

You might have heard about prearranged funerals, but did you know that you can also prearrange a memorial? Prearranging a memorial for yourself or for your whole family ensures that your specific instructions will be carried out, and most importantly, it takes the burden of making decisions on your behalf away from loved ones at a difficult and emotional time. Prepaying the memorial means you pay today's price for your memorial, and it will be there for you and your family when the time comes.

More information about the benefits of prearranging a memorial is available here.